About Us

The 'PRAHAR', is non governmental organization having special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council to the United Nations since 2014 and also a State Awardee organization of Nagaon with a Non-Political, Non-Communal and Social character duly Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976, Registered Under Section 12AA and 80G the Income-Tax Act, 1961, Registration Under 'THE PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES ACT.'1995, Govt. of Assam, Affiliation of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt, Prahar Cane & Bamboo Industries Registration under DICC, Nagaon, Assam having its Head office at Near Namghar Poly Colony, Bishnurabha Path, P.O- Itachali, Dist. Nagaon, Assam, Pin-782003. It is certified as Nodal NGO of District A.A.C.P. co-ordination committee, Nagaon. It has a strong Executive committee duly constituted with 14 nos. of Executive Members and they make decisions on implementation of its various development activities under taken. Members represented from various communities are endeavouring themselves for development of common people normally. Special emphasis are given to women, children, Youth, elders, poor and backward communities among the Society. The organization is duly formed by the representation of various social organizations like Village development units, Sports Club, Yuva Sanghas, Mahila Samitee, Village Library and other rural based organizations etc. The motto of the organization is to uplift the downtrodden among society and to organize and conduct the youth section in a legal way. The Administrative office of the organization is conducted in a rented Building in Nagaon Town.

The PRAHAR, Nagaon has been conducted a lot of Social Development activities since its inception for the all round development of the community people with the assistance of Govt. and its own Sources. A brief allocation of the programmes undertaken is given below for reference:-

Agro-production unit, Vocational Training Centre , Poultry Farming, Agro Fish farming , Animal Welfare programme, Child Welfare Centre, Youth development activity, Health Check-up camps, Awareness camp, Legal -aid centre, Sanitation programme, Games and Sports, Plantation Programme, Relief to poor people/ students, Formation of SHG, Thrift credit to SHG, Handloom and Handicraft Centre, Awareness Camp on Human Rights, Cultural Training Centre, Medicinal Plant Plantation Programme, Patchouli cultivation, Targeted intervention Project on HIV/AIDS, Bee-Keeping Unit, Development of Physically Handicapped Person, Observation of Festivals, Days and Divas etc.

PRAHAR provide elementary and fundamental education as well as higher education to women so that they can take part in all activities of society whether they belong to any financial, national and international, social or domestic affairs. We ensure that women will not be discriminated against based on their sex. We arranged programmes, workshops, on human rights for women so that they can be aware of their rights covering all social, political and economical aspects as well as they can actively take part on democratic and development process of the state. Women belonging to developing countries, living in villages and towns outside medium and big cities, suffer from multiple drastic problems in terms of conventional drifts, discrimination and family suffering in general. Therefore PRAHAR has conducting not only basic education but also various skill development programmes, technical trainings, workshops, and awareness programmes so that they can be self employed and self reliable. PRAHAR promoted innovative design makings by Lady Entrepreneurs. PRAHAR also formulated self help groups for the socio-economic development of women of both rural and urban areas and provided all necessary help for up gradation of the groups by trainings, proper monitoring and link up with the funding agencies. PRAHAR adopted adequate policies for generation of awareness among women beneficiaries for social welfare programmes. PRAHAR has been undertaking a lot of awareness activity since its inception. Women are the basic unit of society, as women makes a family, family makes a home and home makes a society. But it is seen that violence and discriminations always starts from their own homes by their own family members. Now a days, level of domestic violence increases mostly on developing countries. Hence, PRAHAR offered special awareness and training programmes for women on domestic violence so that they can resist misbehaves, discriminations and violence and speak up for their rights. No development is possible if there is no education. A good healthy society doesn't habitually appear on its own and for its emergence women play a key role. Taking this on mind, PRAHAR always endeavours to empower women on their grassroots level.